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SCOR Agility Sept. 27-28, 2008 Madison, NJ

Scraps relaxing in the morning mist

Scraps the Dog competes in another local SCOR agility trial.  This one was held at the field next to our St Hubert’s sports club training field on Woodland Avenue in Madison.  Maybe it is Morris Township but the SCOR people state it is Madison.  What I love about this location, as well as competingat Lewis Morris Park, is that I can ride my bike to the trial what could be cooler than that.  It also means it is an easy stop at the Swiss Chalet Bakery by bicycle on the way to the trial location.  A couple of buttered rolls, apricot cigar and more was a nice sweet beginning to the day.

Home base at the 9-27-2008 SCOR agility trial.

Home base at the 9-27-2008 SCOR agility trial.

We haven’t practiced a lot this summer but Scaps and Kathy are an incredible team so hopefully they can pull off a few good runs.   As we compete more and more and as Scraps keeps racking up qualifying run we keep rising in the ranks of SCRO competitions.  This means harder courses and harder and more experienced competition.

There was a nor’easter hitting the east coast just prior to the event and it appeared as if the entire trial may be a wet washout.  We were fortunate and it petered out by Saturday morning and the weather was foggy, cloud, never sunny and often misting, but it never really rained.  This was great news because Scraps doesn’t like the wet stuff and it wouldn’ t have been fun for anyone.  Though it was moist outside, it wasn’t windy or cold.  It turned out to be a pretty comfortable day.

Now for the results of Day One.

If you want to view it, click the YouTube below.

Jumpers – Level 3 – 8″ – 160 yards
NQ – 2nd Place – 20 Faults

56.81 seconds

The first run is always tough but since it is jumpers we thought we may be in luck since Scraps is usually pretty good at jumpers.    The run started off good but Scraps just would go through the tire and got distracted by one of the sandbags holding down a tunnel.  Scraps ended up off course and received an NQ from Judge Carol Thom.

Full House – Level 2 – 8″
Qualifying – 3rd Place – 23 Points – 28.90 seconds

Scraps did well for this event.  he got distracted by me on the sidelines filming the run, but he and Kathy recovered to get the qualifying time.

Jackpot – Level 2 – 8″ Game Time 58 Seconds
Qualifying – 3rd Place – 45 Points – 49.05 Seconds

Kathy and Scraps ran a real good beginning of the run but then Scraps didn’t want to do some weave poles at the rear of the ring.  Neverthelss, they improvised and recovered and ended up with the 3rd place but most importantly, qualifying score.

Standard – Level 2 – 8″ – 128 yards
NQ – 1st Place – 35.94 seconds – 15 faults

Knowing Scraps jumped off the teeter the last time he ran standard in a trial, Kathy intended on having Scarps bypass the teeter and relinquish the “Q.” Scraps had his own intentions and said, “I ani’t no pussy.” He decided to go for the teater on his own and flew off the end like last time resulting in oohs and aahhhs but more importantly an “NQ”  Ironically and not as importantly, he received a 1st place.  Rich offered to he us with some teater training.  That’s very cool of him.

Wildcard – Level 2 – 8″
Qualfying – 1st Place – 15.86 seconds – 0 faults

The last event of a long day one was Wildcard.  This is a very short run and bang boom, Kathy and Scraps flew through the course and whiel at this moment we dont have the standings we botht think it was a very good run that should be a qualifying runa nd hopefully an 1st place.

Now for the results of Day Two.

Full House – Level 2 – 8″ – Game Time 40 Seconds
Qualifying – 2nd Place – 36.70 seconds – 28 points

A fast run that ended nicely right after the buzzer rang.  Kathy and Scraps looked a bit confused at the intro not gathering too many points but they pulled through and got the “Q.”

Snooker – Level 2 – 8″ – Game Time 55 seconds
NQ – 3rd Place –  20.45 seconds – 9 points

It was raining so it was amazing we did anything at all.  I think it all stopped quickly when Scraps decided to go to to the table and called it quit.  We all have to learn to work in all weather and this was a learning experience.

Colors – Level 2 – 8 ” – 71 yards
Qualifying – 1st place – 13.06 seconds – 0 faults

This was the last run I would see as I had to go man the MCMUA booth at the Morristown Festival on the Green.  It was almost perfect.  Fast and accurate made for a super 13 second time.  It’s tought to do too many courses that fast.  Good Job Scraps and Kathy!!!!

Standard – Level 2 – 8″ 156 yards
NQ – 45.03 seconds – 20 faults

Well Scraps hasn’t been well trained in teeter and it proved once agin to be his achilles heal.  He went flying off of it like he did the day before and was disqualified.  Thanks to Rich for video taping this run for me.

Jumpers – Level 3 – 8″
NQ – 2nd place – 40.13 seconds – 10 faults