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SCOR Agility May 30 and 31, 2009 Lewis Morris Park, Morris Township, NJ

DCC_6813Scraps has not practiced agility in any real manner for a long time.  This is of course with the exception of our painfully slow teeter learning process.  I can’t say I was expecting much out of him on this first day of the SCOR agility trial, but Scraps is a wonder dog and he never ceases to amaze us.  In short, he went four-for-four.  Four events, four qualifying runs and 4 first places. A perfect day all around.

Kathy had to help out with the annual Morris Habitat Bike and Hike this morning until about 9:00am.  This left me to get to the trial early, set up and run with Scraps for the first event.  I took the task seriously, not serious enough to use my cleats, and got there by 7:10.  Being at Lewis Morris Park, which is 10 minutes from our house, makes this responsibility much easier.  I looked to get measured but Scraps was not on the “to be measured” list so he need not get measured ever again for SCOR.  Yeah, no need to worry about geeting to event early again.

To see lots of pictures of all the dogs check out my Picasa Web Album.



Day 1 – May 30, 2009

I was all alone for the first run, the judge’s briefing, etc.  No big deal. It all happened very fast.  I set up the video on a tripod  and we were the 4th or 5th dog of the day.  It was full house. You had to do at least 3 jumps (1 point each) 2 tires or tunnels (3 points) and 1 plank, weave A-frame.  In addition, you had to a amass a minimum number of total points, requiring completion of additional obstacles to the ones listed above For running at level 3 we had to get 25 total point I believe.  We got 35 point and a first place, qualifying, the whole shu-bang.!  It felt like a near flawless run, quick, efficient and commanding.  I’m getting over the top as I finish off a bottle of wine as I write this so called “diary of the mouth.”

We only ran Scraps in 4 of the 5 events, choosing not to do Standard since it requires the use of of teeter which still isn’t happening.  Otherwise were are competing at level 3 for the most part and excelling at it.  That is the exciting part about what we accomplished on this day.

Kathy arrived about 9:00 after checking out Rags at home and my duties except for media compilation was over for the day.  I could break out the Hostess powdered white donuts and coffee and rest in my gravity chair or snap away with my Nikon D200 with its 18-200mm lens!  Since the camera is new and the old standy-by video camcorder is the “old stand-by,” I decided I would try to use both during Kathy’s runs.  I would have the video on a tripod nicely aimed and I would try to snap a few photos during the run whiles also controlling the video on the tripod.  I sacrificed qualify in both ends and therefore it wasn’t worth the effort.  I should just go with video.  By the next day this was on my mind but I still couldn’t resist trying to snap a few while video taping.

Kathy ran the next three event of the day and not only matched my performance, but multiplied it by three.  Wow, they were hot.



In Jackpot we came in 1st place with a qualifying run of 49 points in 49.56 seconds.  This was at level two and we will be able to now move up to level 3 in Jackpot.

Wild-card was the 3rd game of the day and we also came in 1st place with a qualifying run in 28.35 seconds with 0 faults.  Now I have to admit there were rarely any other dogs in our jump height of 8″ so a qualifying run guaranteed you and first place ribbon, but in all our runs, it would have been hard pressed for a small dog to have out run Scraps.

The last run of the day was jumpers.  We didn’t stick around for the results as we packed up and got out of Dodge to be home feeding the dogs by 5:45.  We ended up qualifying with a 1st place ribbon again in this event but we didn’t find this out until the next day.  A spectacular day and tomorrow we don’t have to be at the park until 8:30 or 9:00.  Much better than 7:00.

Day 2 – May 31, 2009

We didn’t get back to the trial site until a leisurely 8:30am.  Everything was there from the previous day, we raised the tent and we were ready to wait for our turn.  Like yesterday, Full House would be our first event for Scraps but unlike yesterday, it wouldn’t go so perfectly.  For some reason Scraps wasn’t too focused on Kathy and  missed a target on the A-frame and we only got 20 points when we needed 23 to qualify.  If you look at the video, we missed the last 3 points in a tunnel by about 3 seconds.  That was a real shame.

We didn’t get a qualifying run in the second event either as we were whistled off the course for double dipping on the A-frame.  Once again, Scraps didn’t performs on the A-frame as he went up it a bit it but jumped off just as he got on.  When we went back for seconds on the A-frame we were disqualified.

It started to threaten rain by the next event and for Scraps’ run. It was actually raining by Scraps’ run and practically only for Scarps’ run but it wasn’t too bad.  This run he ran perfectly and zoomed through the course with the greatest of ease and got a 1st place and a qualifying run.  This was a perfect run.

In the last event of snooker, we were meat before we could get going.  Scraps missed an obstacle and before we knew it we were whistled off the field by the judge once again.  We may not have done that well on Sunday, but once again it was a fun day for Kathy, Scraps and I.  In addition it was really nice weather and close to home.  I was able to go home and walk Rags for lunch.

We were packed and out by 4:30, so Sunday went quicker than Saturday.  Although we only had  1 of 4 qualifying runs on Sunday for the weekend we went 5 for  8.  That is pretty good considering we are competing at level 3 in most categories.  We have at least one more competition this year so let’s see what we can do.  It was an easy fun beautiful weekend as far agility trials go.