SCOR Agility August 7-8, 2010 K9 Campus, Randolph, NJ

Scraps is liked a caged gladiator ready to go.

It’s early August and we have beautiful weather for this weekend’s trial. Fortunately or unfortunately, as you may see it, this trial is indoors and air-conditioned. While it is cool and comfortable is it a bit depressing not being out in the nice weather. Additionally, since the ring has no spectator access or natural lights, photographs are not going to be part of this posting. I am lucky enough to get video of the runs. Nevertheless, with the trial being held at the K9 Campus in Randolph, which is a convenient 25 minutes from home, does have some redeeming features. Did anyone mention indoor plumbing?

  • Colors (Regular) Level-4 – 8″
    1st place – Qualifying – 0 faults – 23.63 sec.
    Scraps was the fourth dog to run in the day and he seemed ready. The first run in colors was slow and smooth, which is a good thing. It gave Kathy and Scraps the time to call him away from going over and errant obstacle in the middle of the run and finish with a Q. So I think, the results haven’t been posted yet. Just got the results and we did get a Q and a 1st place.
  • Snooker (Regular) Level-3 – 8″
    Snooker was the second run and that ended early with a disqualifying whistle as Scraps went through two of the same colors in a row, and that is a “no-no.” Oh well, so far we are 1 for 2.
  • Jackpot (Regular) Level-3  -8″
    1st place – Qualifying – 47 points – 42.34 seconds
    This was the last run I would watch before I drove home to walk Rags and get lunch. I was also filling in for Kathy doing leash running while she ran with Scraps so I was in the center of the ring as opposed to the door. maybe that was good luck because she and Scraps had a near flawless run. Fast, accumulating lots of points and having Scraps accelerate through the behind the red line obstacles in a quick sequence to complete this excellent run. Besides using my iPad to write this during the downtime between runs thanks to the excellent wi-fi signal here at the K9 Campus, I was also able to draw a little, so check out the tracing I did of Rags who waits patiently at home.

  • Jumpers (Regular) Level-4 – 8″
    1st place – Qualifying – 0 faults – sec.
    Fourth run of the day seemed as if Scraps and Kathy were hitting their coincidental stride as the flew through the jumpers course slowly and in control to pull out a fast time. It’s like how a golfer can hit the ball further with a slow in control swing vs. a frantic powerful stroke that doesn’t go as far. Great run!
  • Full House (Regular) Level-4 – 8″
    1st place – Qualifying – 45 points – 33.32 seconds
    Last run of the day being built and we should be out of here by 4:00 and home by 4:30. That’s nice considering we were here at 7:00. They got through this last run also fast, in control and with lots of points. Good finish to the day at 3:30 pm. Time for a nap, bottle of wine and to prepare to do it all again tomorrow.

Day 2 – Sunday, August 8, 2010

  • Jumpers – Regular – Level 4 – 8″
    Not Qualified – 11 faults – 47.25 seconds
  • Colors – Regular – Level 4 – 8″
    Qualified 1st Place – o faults – 20.71 seconds
  • Wild Card – Regular – Level 3 – 8″
    Qualified 1st Place – 0 faults – 27.00 seconds
  • Jackpot – Regular – Level 3 – 8″
    Qualified 1st Place – 43 points – 43.85 seconds
  • Snooker – Regular – Level 3 – 8″
    Qualified 1st Place – 38 Points – 43.56 seconds

Drawn during the trial with my iPad using Art Studio app.

4 responses to “SCOR Agility August 7-8, 2010 K9 Campus, Randolph, NJ

  1. Congrats to Scraps the dog. Just wait until they let you out of the cage. SCRAPS-A-MANIA RUNNING WILD…….

  2. Thanks Scott, Scraps went 8 for 10 for the weekend, that’s better than the Grateful Dead ever did after 1979.

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