2010-09-04 Agility Fun Runs, St. Huberts featuring the debut of Rags the Dog

On this picture perfect first Saturday of September St. Huberts was sponsoring   agility fun runs as a fund raiser as well as a way to get in some trial practice and experience.  This gave many novice/beginner dogs and handlers an opportunity to see what competing in an agility trial is like.  What it did for us is to give Rags the Dog a chance to hang with us during a trial as well as run in her very first agility run.  Once again, this was not a sanctioned event, only practice.

We never really trained Rags in agility in any formal way but we got the green light from Jackie who was running the event, so we figured, what the heck, let’s give a run at it.  We play with jumps with her at the dog park sometimes, so maybe she could run an entire agility course.  While her run was what I would have expected, it showed promise and potential and more importantly, Rags acted very well at the trial and proved to us that we could take her with us as we compete with Scraps. Below is a video of Rags’ debut on the agility field, even though it was just a fun run.

While Rags only ran in 1 novice jumpers event, Scraps participated in 4 runs including  2 elite jumpers and 2 elite standard.  If this was a real trial, Scraps wouldn’t have qualified in anyone of those runs so he still needs to practice if he wants to continue moving up the ranks.  He had the sniffies, ran to me on 2 occasions, ran to another photographer on another and missed jumps and ran a muck a bit.  On a positive note, Scraps pulled off 2 sets of 12-pole weaves and also went through 2 chutes without a problem.  To see Scraps runs, view the video below,

By the way, thanks to Jackie and Linda for volunteering their time to putting this event together.  I’m sure it raised some good money for St. Huberts and it gave lots of people and dogs a flavor of competing in agility.  A very worthwhile experience.

To view slideshows of the photos I took during the trial in Picasa Web albums go to the links below:

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