Rags Begins Agility Training

Rags the Dog tried her first agility practice trial a couple of weeks ago and the positive experienced convinced us to begin her agility training. We signed her up for an 8-week beginners agility class at St. Huberts at the outdoor training field in Chatham where we run many of our trials. This will be good practice for getting her used to this field with all of it’s distractions.

The class runs for 8 consecutive weeks starting this September 12 and continues through Halloween. Today also represents the opening the the 2010 football season and the Giants’ new stadium. I guess I am going to get into the habit of waking up on Sunday morning and taking Rags to agility class followed by the Morristown Farmer’s Market into a Giants game. Sounds like a fun fall of 2010. Go big blue and go little Rags.

It looked like week 1 wasn’t going to happen due to the weather. We were surprised they didn’t call the class but 7 dogs showed up so this is a dedicated bunch. We almost bailed due to the weather. Tom, the agility teacher made the right decision to have the class because it only drizzled.

This was beginner agility and it was good to relearn the basics. This week we learned:

  • Following the hands combined with a front cross switch
  • Rear feet awareness by having Rags run across pipes on the ground
  • Clicker for affirmation training
  • Target to a lid
  • Tunnel

The most important thing is that Rags behaved in class really well. All 7 dogs were well trained and in control. Rags was not a distraction what-so-ever, for that I was proud of her. She has a bit of an advantage at this level in that she has used and experienced jumps and tunnels in her life. She was very distracted while performing by the ground so I will have to work on her focus to me, that will be my digest challenge with her.

As far as Rags goes she had a good week, a victory in my book. Now let’s see about the Giants can do the same.

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