Rags Beginner Agility Class – Week 2

Unlike week 1, the second week of Rags’ agility class featured beautiful weather.  Once again, Rags behaved really well during the class and didn’t bark at or bother anything around her.  Additionally, she performed really well in her homework as well as the three or four new things she tried.

Initially in class, we practiced luring with each hand separated and transitioned between each hand vis-a-vis a front cross.  Rags did this well with the added space inside the practice ring giving her room to run which she doesn’t get when she practices at home in the basement.  We did a target at the end of walking over poles and through a ladder and she did okay with the target but she knows the concept.

While we didn’t practice any tunnel, which we learned the first week, we did get introduced to 3 new obstacles including the tire, the plank and the weave poles.  The tire was introduced by having it as low as possible.  Since Rags has experienced a tire she did really well at it.  The weave poles was introduced by spreading them and letting the dog run through the subsequent channel.  Rags did this very well.  Once I figured that I need to have better body positioning and lead Rags with my hand at a very low level, we were able to complete most of our tasks quite easilly.  Finally, we were introduced to the plank by walking her on a plank on the ground.  This she did from both sides very well.

Tom, our teacher, gave us lots of tips on how to create much of our own agility equipment.  He described the creation of weave poles using 3/4″ PVC pipe with an end cap that you drill a hole in to insert a very long spike which you keep in the end cap by placing a nickel over the head of the spike and then putting the pole inside the end cap securing the nickel and the spike in a javelin type of pole that can be spiked into the ground.  Buy 6 of these setups and you have a cheap and portable set of weave poles.

It was a good class, I am surprised how quickly we get introduced to all the equipment and get us going on learning it.  It is nice the Rags is already being introduced to the weave poles.  It’s now time to practice and get ready for week 3 of beginners agility class.

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