Rags Beginner Agility Class – Week 3

Week 3 featured more of the same methodical introduction to the agility equipment we will be encountering during a standard run.  Most of the work we did this week involved targets and I’m glad that Rags and I had an excellent practice at home on Thursday night where I think the target concept really hit her and the nose on the target was the best thing she did during week 3.

To view all the photos go to the link below:

We started with the ladder practice with a target to get the dogs acquainted with their rear legs.  Rags did well in this.  We then did some plank on the ground work and Rags had some difficulty getting the hang of it but the target concept helped her out in the end, literally.  The plank turned into introduction to the ramped dog walk with a target at the end.  We continued running through the channeled weave poles for the 2nd week in a row and ended the class on an introduction to the chute without the actual fabric chute.  Rags did both the weave poles (channeled apart) and the chute without a problem.

As far as Rags behavior and focus, she was good.  She does get distracted by smells in the grass and I am still not sure she will eventually run with me when I don’t have treats on me, but time and practice will tell us if she is destined to compete in the future or not.

Next week Rags and I will be alone for Class as Scraps and Kathy will be competing over on the other side of town at the CPE agility trial at Lewis Morris Park.  There probably won’t be any footage of week 4 so soak up the fine footage Kathy shot of this week.

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