Rags Beginner Agility Class – Week 5

On the way to class we were listening to 1010 WINS new radio on this October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) at 10:00 a.m.  They say timing is everything, this is just something.  When we arrive at 10:15 we were ready to practice more of what we learned and to increase the difficulty as we progress.  The weather was sunny and warm so I took advantage of the time between some of the runs to snap some shots of my fellow classmates learning the obstacles.

We started with tunnel practice where the tunnel was extended to almost full length.  Through Rags missed the tunnel once during the 4 tries she did recognize the tunnel and accelerated through it nicely.  We then went to the A-frame, but this week it was one level steeper and higher.  Rags once again recognized the obstacle and accelerated onto it and at the apex the “target” command made her look to the target at the end of the contact and accelerate toward it.  Additionally, Rags was nicely staying at the bottom of the contact until I gave her an “okay” when we would would run off.

We next practiced the plank/dog walk using two boards and the table as a dog walk.  This time we were at a 16″ table instead of 8″.  Rags did this very well and once again performing a good contact and target.  We then adjusted this drill to make the plank go off at a 90 degree angle to slow the dogs up at the top and let them think a little about what they were doing.

We closed week 5 with learning the table and doing a sit on it and then a release.  next week we will progress to the down o the table for a 5-count.  Doing a down in the sphinx position is what you want for this obstacle.  Fortunately Rags naturally stays down in a good sphinx position.  The last thing Tom discussed and showed us was how he was going to use his newly learned 2×2 weave pole technique to teach our dogs how to do the weave poles.  That is pretty exciting since the channel technique is excruciatingly slow especially when you down have your own channeling weave poles to practice on.  We will have to remember to bring a a toy for Rags to chase through the 2×2 weave poles next week.

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3 responses to “Rags Beginner Agility Class – Week 5

  1. Cathy Laskiewicz

    Thank you so much for taking all of the wonderful photos of our class today! They are terrific and capture all of the dogs so well. You caught some amazing action shots!

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  3. Cool, I’m glad you like them. Thanks. See ya ’round.

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