Rags Beginner Agility Class – Week 7

After missing week 6 of the agility class, I wasn’t sure exactly what Rags missed out on. I knew Tom was going to start 2×2 weave pole training during week 6 and Rags was going to deficient in that, but short of that, Rags seemed to be all caught up and performed well. It probably helped that on Columbus Day, the Monday after week 5, both Rags and Scraps practiced some run-throughs that were offered by the k9 Campus. During those run-throughs Rags did really well on the A-frame and dog walk but had difficulties with tunnels.  Click here to read the blog posting of those run-throughs.

Week 7 class started with chute training with putting the fabric closing at the end of the chute more and more closed as the dogs progressed. Though rags never really practiced the chute, she had no issues with it and pushed her way through the chute each and every time she had a chance.

We next practiced the A-frame and Rags likes this piece of equipment and her target practice is paying off as she explodes for the target once given the command and hangs out in a good position at the end of the contact until I tell her to “let’s go.” We had a similar sucess with the dog walk where her targeting practice was the crucial element in getting her to perform it well. She has surprising good speed and excitements going over both the A-frame and the dog walk.

Next we did a little tunnel practice, and unlike the run-throughs from 2 weeks ago, Rags did these well. The difference may be that were were only doing one or 2 obstacles and then rewarding with food and the tunnels were all straight. We closed week 7 by practicing a single set of 2×2 weave poles. For a while I had Rags very interested in her heart squeaky toy and she eventually got the idea to go through the single set of poles. Now we just need to keep practicing all of this in the off-time.

With graduation coming up next week, Tom is suggesting proceeding to the advanced-beginner agility class which will be offered by St Huberts at their indoor ring starting in November. I am assuming that we will sign Rags up for that and hopefully have her in some type of agility shape to start competing for real in the spring.

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