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2010-2011 Winter – Rags In Advanced Beginners Agility Class

Over December and January 2010 and 2011 respectively, Rags the Dog completed her advanced beginners agility class held indoors at St. Huberts in Madison.  Being winter, it has been cold and snowy outside and inside in the class it has been crowded with our teacher Tom trying to teach up to 9 dogs at various capabilities simultaneously.  At times, the class seems agonizingly slow but Rags got better and better every week.  Her contacts are great and she still has a bit of trouble getting excited about running over and through jumps and tunnels.

With the exception of the weave poles, Rags is virtually ready to run in competition this summer.  I’m not saying I expect her to qualify as her focus on me through 20 obstacle may be asking for a lot but I think I will have hope for her.  Below are several of the videos taken during weeks 2 through 6 of the class the class so one day we can look back on Rags to see where she came from.

Week 2 of 8 – 12-5-2010

Week 3 of 8 – 12-12-2010

Week 4 of 8 – 12-19-2010

Week 5 of 8 – 1-9-2011

Week 6 of 8 – 1-16-2011