Scraps and Rags

Scraps and Rags catching a fews Z's

Scraps and Rags catching a few Z’s

The dogs each have their own personalized webpage so go check them out and leave a comment for the dogs to respond to.

Now a bit of the history.

Scraps the Dog was adopted by Larry and Kathy from St. Hubert’s Animal Shelter on December 28, 2004.  At that time it was assumed he was one year old.  He was rescued from a an animal shelter in West Virginia and we found him in his cage at the shelter with his whiter and more dominant twin brother.  Scraps was known as Batman and his brother was Robin.  Kathy called up the shelter in West Virginia and according to their recollection, Scraps was 3/4 Jack Russell Terrier and 1/4 Italian Greyhound.  His reserved character counteracts the known wildness of a typical Jack Russell Terrier to  make him a loving and unassuming dog.  His smartness, attentiveness and his Greyhound lines make him quick and agile and the agility course and he has become quite the competitor.  Scarps is a shy dog who lies his family but never really got into playing with other dog.  Then came Rags.

Below is a youtube video of the first few time Scraps and Rags ever play fighted.  They look like they are having fun pushing each other around.

We were looking for a soulmate, sister dog to be a companion for Rags.  A bitch who could noodge Scraps just enough to bring him out of his shell while not making his life miserable.  With Rags we found such a bitch.  While not making Scraps’ life miserable, she has proven to be a handful for Kathy and I.

Below is a little version of Scraps and Rags playing tug of war or as I call it, Tug of Dog.  While they have played more passionately than depicted here in the video, this gives you and idea of where they are going.

Here is another segment of Larry running with Scraps and Rags at the Denville Dog Park.

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