Rags the Dog

Rags looking cute

Rags looking cute

Rags the Dog or bitch as she is known by people who know her is also a rescued mixed breed.  Assumed to be born is 2006 or 2007, we are going under the assumption that her birth day is November 15, 2006.  We adopted her on November 15, 2007 from Second Chance Rescue and she was being fostered by a wonderful animal lovin woman who had her for a week before bringing her to the Vet Office next to the Boulder Carwash on Route 10.

In 2010 we began to train Rags in agility and in 2011 she is to begin competing alongside Scraps in competition.

NADAC registration number 11-02063

Below is a YouTube video taken in the early days that we had Rags in Winter 2007.  It was snowy out and we took her our for her first bike ride and jog and we caught it here on tape.  Not very exciting but historic in the life of Rags.

If you want to watch a very funny video of Rags playing keyboards and singing to her music view the YouTube clip below.  This one could be on Americas Funniest Home Videos.

This video below I affectionately call, Rags the Dominatrix.

Here is some early Rags footage from the outdoors in the Winter of 2008.

This is a boring video, but I’m playing with some new video editing software (Adobe Premier Elements) so I’m just posting YouTube videos “willy-nilly”

One response to “Rags the Dog

  1. Well I guess you can tell who wears the pants in your family. Like most men Scraps knows when to just give in I see. Very very cute

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