Agility Trial 2007-09-30 – St. Hubert’s, Madison, NJ

Scraps relaxing on the lawn.

Scraps relaxing on the lawn.

This was a one-day CPE trail spnsored by SCOR and located conveniently at the soccer field next to the parking lot at out outdoor St. Hubert’s training school.  By they way, this is also where we discovered and picked up Scraps when we first adopted him.  This was our first CPE trial with all the so-called games in lieu of straight agility runs and we took a prep-training class on the CPE games so we were ready for these different types of runs. In the end CPE games are no biggie as you can figure them out in about 12 seconds but the more training the better.

Another nice thing about this trial is that it was the first time we ever had such a close place to attend a trial and what a great thing it is.  First, there were lots of St. Hubert’s people there so it makes it that much more comfortable.  In addition, since it was so close, I was able to ride my bicycle to this trial and was able to ride my bicycle up to Morristown halfway through the day to attend the annual Morristown fall festival.  Since the MCMUA had a booth at the Fall Festival I had to leave the trial early to relieve the MCMUA perosnnel who had been there all morning long.

We ran four events that day:

Jackpot – Level 1 – 8″
NQ – 2nd place –
27 points – 50.69 seconds (56 second game time)

This is the type of run where you have to get the dog to go over a few obstacles at the end of the run.  It was difficult and we came so close but we missed the buzzer by 3.69 seconds and DQed but we actually got Scraps to complete the course.

Take a look.


Standard – Level 1 – 8″
Qualified – 1st Place
0 faults – 32.33 seconds (55 SCT)
121 yards

Larry ran this event and it was standard level 1.  Being level 1 meant there was no teeter and no weaves which suited Scraps just fine.  We started well, Scraps lost somoe focus a bit after the walk but then ran the next 5 or 6 obsticals beautifully.  Then he flew past a jump, I think Scraps was running and was looking around and didn’t really see it coming.  Nevertheless, he recovered and we completed the course nicely.

Take a look for yourself.


Jumpers – Level 1 – 8″
Qualified – 1st Place
0 faults – 21.73 seconds (46 SCT)
108 yards

Wildcard – Level 1 – 8″
Qualified – 3rd Place
0 faults – 27.56 seconds (45 SCT)
77 yards

This was wildcard where you select 1 of 2 possible courses.  I had a plan that suited Scrap’s abilities and it all started well but he missed the frame in the middle of the run, going right past it and it took effort to eventually get him over it, but we made it and finished nicely.

Take a look for yourself: 

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