Dog Maintenance

Scraps and Rags Papers

updated November 7, 2012

Command Reference

  • Come (Scraps/Rags Come!) This is a very important command.  If he gets too far away from you, use this command to get him back.  He is supposed to stop doing whatever he is doing and come to you.  He will be expecting a treat when he comes, so be sure to reward him.  This can be used to get him to come inside if he is out in the yard.  You can also clap or whistle to get him to come back.  Rags doesn’t have as good of a recall as Scraps, so don’t let her get away from you.  If Rags, does get outside, a good way to get her is to go to the car and open the door.  She is usually very excited about going for a ride in the car and will gladly jump up into it.  In an emergency, a very aggressive, forceful command to Rags may stop her in her tracks by making her cower.  Then you can grab her.
  • Here (Scraps/Rags here) – a more casual form of come.  Scraps doesn’t respond to this as well as he responds to Come.  Rags doesn’t respond to either that well.
  • Sit (the meaning is obvious) sign – three fingers together pointing up
  • Down – means lay down – sign – hand flat and move toward ground.  Make sure they can see the hand in front of them and not over them.
  • Up Up – means jump up on couch, bed, lap into car etc.  (you can also pat your lap or the couch to get him to jump up on it)
  • Stay – means do not move until I return and say “okay” to release him/her (you can say “good” or “yes” while he is in a stay to reinforce that what he is doing is correct)
  • Wait – is similar to stay, but you can release him from a distance.  We practice a “Wait” with a hand in front of their faces before feeding so you can place both bowls down and then issue and “Okay” to release them to eat.  Scraps may drool a bit while waiting, but that is to be expected.
  • Okay – the release command for stay or wait
  • Yes! – is to let him know that he did what you asked him to do
  • Leave It – If you go for a walk and he finds something on the ground, or if he wants to pursue something, tell him to leave it.
  • Take it – if you play with the tug-toy, you can tell him to take it.  (Take it in his mouth, but you hold on to the handle)
  • Give – the opposite of Take it. He should release what ever is in his mouth. You might have to repeat this.
  • Go Home – point to crate and say this.  He should go in it.  Then you can tell him to stay and close the door.  Give him a treat when he goes in
  • Off – get off of whatever he is on, the couch, the bed
  • Outside (Do you want to go outside?)
  • Go Pee or Quick Pee (Scraps, quick pee) – sometimes Rags gets distracted outside and it takes her a long time to pee.  I usually tell her to go pee when she gets distracted by something and it seems to remind her of why we are out there.
  • Poopie (Do you have to make a poopie?)
  • Walk (Do you want to go for a walk?)
  • Hummy Time? or Are you hungry? (Do you want hummies? and Its hummy time!) – means breakfast or dinner
  • Treat – (Do you want at treat?) – you can also use the word treat to get him to come back inside.
  • Belly – (Can I have your belly?) – you are asking him to roll onto his back so you can rub his belly.
  • Eh Eh (This means “no no” if he does something he is not supposed to do.)


  • Jump
  • Down then Roll Over
  • Right (spin clockwise)
  • Left (spin counter clockwise)
  • Legs (weave in between your legs as you walk)
  • Bang Bang


They eat twice-a-day.  Once in the morning.  We normally feed them at 8am on weekdays, but it doesn’t have to be that early.  It can be whenever you get up.  Scraps gets very excited to get up and he knows that once he pees, he gets breakfast.  Rags is much more slow to get up and to pee.  She may pee and poop before breakfast.  Scraps may need to go out again right after breakfast to poop.  They also get fed once in the evening.  Normally they eat around 5:30pm, but it could be earlier or later. Each feeding they get a ¼ cup of dry food.  Scraps also gets about 1/6 of his can of wet food and a few small pieces of boiled chicken.  Rags gets more small pieces of chicken with her dry food.  They get a treat each time they go outside and pee or poop and then come back inside the house.  Treats are their dry food.  I usually use Scraps’ dry food for treats for both of them.

Pees and Poops

They normally have to pee in the morning.  They go out in the morning before eating.  They usually just go outside not for a walk.  Scraps can just run out on his own and will come right back in.  You will have to take Rags out on the leash.  She can’t be outside off-leash at all.  Make sure they pee before they get fed.  Scraps may not have to poop before he eats in the morning, but he will probably have to poop soon after eating.  Rags will most likely pee and poop before eating.  The dogs also go out at lunch time around 12:30pm.  They pee and sometimes poop at this time.  They pee when Larry comes home around 5pm and he feeds them at about 5:30pm.  They may need to poop again after dinner.  This may be the last poop.  Before going to sleep, I let them out in the yard for a quick pee.  Again, Rags will have to be taken out in the yard on the leash.  For poops, I would say, they makes about 2-3 poops a day.


To put the harness on Scraps, you may want to put him in a “sit-stay.”  First tell him to sit.  Then tell him to stay.  You might have to say, “Stay, yes, good boy, stay” to make sure he stays.  Rags doesn’t like to have a harness put on, so you may have to have one person hold her while the other person puts it on.  If you have a problem getting the harness on her, you can use her collar instead of the harness; it might be easier to get on.  She gets excited to go, so she doesn’t mind hooking the leash up to the collar.

On the walk, they both stop and smell a lot.  If you want to keep going, tell them to leave it, so you can keep walking.  Please try not to let either of them eat things outside while on a walk.

Crating the Dogs

If you leave the house without them, you will want to put them in their crates.  Get treats first, so they know you have the treats.  Tell them to “Go Home” and point to the crate.  Give them the treat for going into the crates.

Rags Bite Warnings! (growling or showing teeth):

If Rags has something that she shouldn’t  don’t try to take it out of her mouth.  She will probably growl and may bite if you try to take it from her.  Anytime she has something in her mouth that she shouldn’t, use a distraction to get it away from her.  Try to offer a treat.  At first I thought this was rewarding her for taking something she wasn’t supposed to have.  Instead, it is a reward for giving up whatever she has in her mouth.  She doesn’t give things up easily.  Speak to her in happy voice.  Tell her to “Give” or “Leave It”.  Tell her she is a good girl.

Also, if Rags goes somewhere she is not supposed to, or is asleep somewhere and needs to be moved, it is best to tell her to move, like tell her Off, instead of picking her up and moving her.  Sometimes she gets angry and growls.  She may be slow to move, but she usually will move when asked.


  • Bone – If I can find the second bone, I will give them to you.  You can stuff a piece of chicken in each bone and give it to them.  They really like this and it keeps them occupied for a while.  If the chicken is in really tight, they will eventually ask for help to get it out.  Don’t try to help Rags before she is ready for help, as she will probably growl, because she may think you are going to take it away.
  • Small tennis balls – If they jump up on any furniture that you don’t want him on, like the couch or the bed, tell them “off.”  If Rags doesn’t get off, keep telling her.  If you try to push her off, she may growl and bite.  You can lure her off with a treat or distract her by walking away and making it sound like there is something really interesting somewhere else.


If they start barking a lot, you might want to try to have them do some thing, like send them somewhere to wait to distract them.  When they are in a wait, they usually stop barking and then you can give them a treat.

Rags getting into things

Don’t leave anything around that Rags can get to and chew.  She chews on underwear and goes into bathroom garbage cans.  You may want to put the bathroom garbage can up on the back of the toilet.  Keep your eye on her at all times.  Keep doors to rooms and closet doors closed.  If you lose track of her and don’t hear anything for a while she might be getting into trouble.  She hasn’t gotten into anything in our house for a long time, but your house may not be Rags-proofed.

Bed time

To go to sleep at night, you will probably want to put them both their crates.  They might cry at first, but will probably stop after a few minutes of ignoring them.

Scraps – Pancreatitis

updated Nov 2012

In case Scraps has diarrhea or vomiting, call me or Larry.  I am going to leave you with a 10 day supply of an antibiotic prescription of Metronidazole.  If we decide to start giving it to him, the whole 10 days has to be given.  He gets a ½ pill, twice-a-day.  There is a pill cutter included.

The phone number for the Community Animal Hospital is 973-267-4220.  Dr. Lorig is our primary vet.


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