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2 x 2 Weave Poles Seminar for Scraps

Stock weave photo of Scraps practicing from June 5, 2010 trial

In the past year I think Scraps has learned to manage the weave poles in competition but that is about it.  He isn’t fast at them, can only enter on one side for success and the poles aren’t a fatal flaw in a run, but he still only manages them and doesn’t attack the obstacle.

We have heard about people’s success in the 2×2 weave pole technique to teach the dog how to do weaves well.  Since St. Huberts and Jackie were teaching this technique in the form of a 2 hour seminar, Kathy decided to take Scraps and see what it is all about.  I happened to be at the David Nelson Band concert in Whippany and couldn’t attend the class.  Kathy came home excited about the potential of teaching Scraps the weaves this way and now that Rags is also beginning to learn agility, it will probably be worth the $150 investment into a 3 pair set of 2×2 weave poles.   That’s a lot of numbers of 6 poles.  Hopefully you will see our success in more Q’s in the agility ring.